Journies and Scholarship

The programme consists of four courses, one at each of the participating universities. The trips to the hosting universities last five to six days and will be almost wholly financed by PEPP. Participants of PEPP do not only get the chance to take part in the scientific programme, but also are awarded a scholarship for the travelling and accommodation costs.

As the organisers of PEPP, we are aiming at supporting the participants as much as possible and basically provide cost free participation. However, as all publicly funded programmes, PEPP is notoriously short of money and we cannot cover everything. In order to avoid disappointment, and to give you the chance to plan ahead, we would like to inform you about your estimated costs and about some other administrative necessities.

1. PEPP does not charge any admission fees or any other programme fees.

2. PEPP provides you with free accommodation on the weeks abroad, but

3. PEPP has no uniform system for covering your travelling costs.

Please ask your local coordinator for options of reimbursement or support.

4. Remaining costs and Visa

PEPP does not cover subsistence or costs related to activities/excursions at the various destinations (e.g. local travel costs; formal dinner at Cambridge university) – with the exception of a train trip from Münster to Hamburg during the week in Münster.

If you need a Visa, please make the necessary applications long in advance. Any extra costs incurred for the visa or extra costs incurred for the failure to obtain a visa in good time (including costs for cancellation of accommodation or flights) will have to be borne by you.

5. Covid 19

Clearly, PEPP meetings will be cancelled, if the pandemic situation makes it necessary. However, we would ask you to be thoroughly prepared in order to allow safe meetings. If possible, you should get a vaccination. It will also be your own responsibility to take all other legally necessary steps (such as tests at the airport or the border)

6. Contact dates etc.

We will need your contact information and some information on your doctoral topic from you. Please send back the attached form for this purpose.
Please note that your email addresses will be passed on to all members of PEPP. Your personal data will be passed on to all local coordinators.

7. It is mandatory to attend to all four PEPP weeks.

Barring exceptional circumstances, failure to attend a PEPP week will mean that you will have to cover any costs incurred for cancellation of flights/accommodation etc.