Contents of the Programme


The PEPP concept is designed for doctorate students from the participating universities who work in the field of private law in the European context. It comprises a whole variety of topics in the field of private law within the EU. The project aims to boost competences, impetus, and verve and, thereby, to enhance the quality of the scientific work of each individual participant considerably.

It is also designed to help you build a network within the European legal elite.

PEPP is not exam-related and ends with a certificate of participation. Participants continue their studies at their home faculty and with their own doctoral advisers.

Course Examples

The programme will consist of various workshops, lectures and seminars. There will be at least three full days of classes at every university. All courses are set up to be of general interest for all participants, no matter of the specialised field you are working in. The aim is the creation of deeper background knowledge, the enhancement of working skills, the experience of practical needs and approaches and the understanding of differences between the legal sciences in different member states.

Programmes of the latest PEPP meetings